New Tracks

Marius Maeland – “Lucent Vortex”

The spacey allure of “Lucent Vortex” is engrossing, its lush synth pad and effervescent lead building with a futuristic glow. Murmured background vocals – in English and Japanese – emit a melodic

CRÈME – “Beaches”

Released this morning, “Beaches” is a captivating new track from CRÈME, the project of Trixie Reiss that impressed previously with gems like “Resolution” and “Deed“. “Beaches” is her debut on Los Angeles-based

Reclining Nude – “Tell You”

“Tell You” finds a captivating middle ground between buzzing guitars and lush nighttime drives, resulting in a track that’s consuming and satisfyingly diverse throughout. The caressing effort, successfully delivered as an antidote

The Angel Makers – “Kill the World”

sam and sara by The Angel Makers The haunting “Kill the World” is the opening track off the sam and sara EP, the newest release from The Angel Makers, the duo from

Owen Duff – “You Amaze Me”

“You Amaze Me” is a delightful piece of indie-pop from Owen Duff, a showcase of melodically soaring vocals and chamber-pop inclinations. Somewhere between Jens Lekman’s hook-y charm, Jellyfish’s power-pop effervescence, and Andrew

Avi Jay D – “The Hypnosis Detox: Chapter Four”

The lush and seductive “The Hypnosis Detox: Chapter Four” mixes spoken-word with tranquil synths and keyboards. Los Angeles-based Avi Jay D shows both his poetic and atmospheric prowess throughout this effort, an

New Albums

Minorarc – ‘Inclusions’

A diversely atmospheric rock sound permeates Inclusions, the most recent album from Australian artist Minorarc. From serenely introspective guitar murmurs to frolicking


Brad Walrond – ‘Alien Day’

The full-length debut album out today from NYC-based artist Brad Walrond, Alien Day presents the artist’s spoken-word format within an eclectic range