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Tipling Rock – “Campus Fashion”

Tipling Rock’s new single “Campus Fashion” is a very hook-y, Strokes-esque jam — a very strong follow-up to their previously featured gem “Low Tide Love“. “Yeah, this love could kill me but

J’Moris – “Dope Life” (ft. Sunny BoBo)

“Dope Life” yearns for antidotes with a smooth-vibing and infectious beat, with an overall feel reminiscent of Gucci Mane. This enjoyable new single from J’Moris rides on a fluidly melodic vocal delivery,

The Blue Poets – “With Your Eyes”

Off a new full-length from German blues rockers The Blue Poets, “With Your Eyes” is a consuming effort from start to finish, with the absence of percussion until the thunderous hook at

Post Death Soundtrack – “Through the Gates”

The consumingly dark psychedelic trip-hop sound of Post Death Soundtrack was previously covered on tracks “You Can’t Go Back” and the remix of “Beauty Eyes I Adore“, though new release “Through the

HOAX – “Indian Summer”

Despite being released on the final day of summer, HOAX’s “Indian Summer” is melodically bright and contagious enough to properly exude the sun-basking vibes of our recently passed season. “These days, it’s

ISRA – “He Had Something On His Mind”

The moodily infectious “He Had Something On His Mind” is the second release from rising Danish band ISRA. The follow-up to debut single “Truthtellers”, this new one touts a “darker and more

Future Elevators – “Machine Maker”

With their music, Birmingham, Alabama-based Future Elevators aim to “achieve a feeling of elevation”, certainly accomplished on new track “Machine Maker”. With lyrical imagery establishing a post-apocalyptic landscape, the pleading hook –

SANT – “Indimellem”

With a spacey opening synth progression and otherworldly creeping vocals comprising the beginning of “Indimellem”, it doesn’t take long to become engrossed by the sound of this Danish five-piece. SANT – from

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