New Tracks

Drohves – ‘Secondstep’ EP

Drohves was formed last year as a side project by Soular Order, the alias of Manchester-based musician and producer Jon Maynard. The project’s new EP, Secondstep, is a beautifully immersive thing of

Prospect Lux – “Cocoons”

We’re gladly premiering the catchy new track, “Cocoons”, from Prospect Lux, the project of Brooklyn native Michael Spivack. The project has distinguished its own sound over the past decade, with calming synths,

Space Motel – “Can You Use This”

Arrival by Space Motel Formed in 2007, Space Motel has drawn a respectable following for their gripping and atmospheric blend of funk, soul, and rock. The collective – initially comprised of Jim

Velvet Winter – “Crystal Heart”

Trickling and distorted guitar combine in the beginning of “Crystal Heart” for an immediately engaging feel, with the climactic percussion leading to a spacious hook that features the vocals of Talon Majors,

Nsay Mada – “Cumulus”

Richmond, VA-based artist Nsay Mada channels vintage R&B on fantastic new single “Cumulus”, where mellow keys and a soulful vocal presence remind aesthetically of Paul Weller’s ’80s project The Style Council, though

Tyler & Eye – “Sweetest Friend”

“Sweetest Friend” is a winning track that rides on a consuming ’70s groove with modern electronic flourishes. Stefan Ng formed the project out of his Boston dorm room, concocting a sound reminding

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New Albums

Imperial April – ‘Imperial April’

A stirring blend of ’90s alt-rock nostalgia and modern sophistication compel throughout Imperial April‘s self-titled debut album. Hailing from Christchurch, New Zealand,


Indolore – ‘Paris’ EP

Serene folk enchantments and brisk rock approaches alike show throughout the Paris EP, from Indolore. The Paris-based artist describes the release’s inspiration: