New Tracks

Mah-Ze-Tar – “Liquid Lotus”

Mah-Ze-Tar is the project of Maz Karandish, who channels his love for world music into an engrossing sound — one traversing across everything from “Raga, Maqam, and Dastgah to Harmony, Jazz, and

Elza – “Endeavor”

After impressing with her track “Swayed” last month, Elza is back with another success in “Endeavor”. Here, the Canadian solo artist pursues a more contemplative sound, more in the vein of Portishead.

Leon Seti – “Silver Lining”

Leon Seti shows a lush vein of synth-pop on new track “Silver Lining”, his caressing vocals meshing with mellow synths and gentle percussion. The project of Leo Baldi was formed in 2016,

LeeSun – “My Life”

Releasing ahead of her upcoming album Singing You This Song, “My Life” is a playful and catchy new track from LeeSun, the UK songstress who impressed last month with “Dry Your Tears“.

Pete Mancini – “Pine Box Derby”

“Pine Box Derby” is a moving new track from folk/Americana artist Pete Mancini. A dual-vocal approach during the chorus comprises the bulk of variety, with a steady guitar-laden series of verses. “It

Hydromag – “P.J.R.”

The very impressive “P.J.R.” is the first single from Hydromag’s forthcoming second EP, This Is Fleeting. The project of Canterbury-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Best-Shaw, Hydromag is described as “essentially a bedroom

Ritual Talk – “Undone”

Brooklyn-based act Ritual Talk showed the development of a murky soundscape into sharply melodic, guitar-twang clarity on previously featured track “Something to Look Forward To“. Their newest track, “Undone”, again shows the

Gabe Greenland – “Humanish”

“Humanish” is a track released today from Gabe Greenland, a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter/producer from Los Angeles. He plays an authentic vein of folk with sophisti-pop elements, recalling the likes of Magnetic Fields and

New Albums

Shane Rennison – ‘Irrational’

Shane Rennison presents consistently quality songwriting throughout Irrational, an album whose pop-friendly accessibility is steeped in relatable lyrical insight, folk-ready intrigue, and


tttc – ‘Foretold’

An experimental ambient album inspired by the writings of Gabriel García Márquez, Foretold is a showcase in creative atmospheric appeal from tttc.