New Tracks

Silver Liz – “Hazy Daisy”

“Hazy Daisy”, a new track from Silver Liz, presents shoegaze-y beauty reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, ripe with beautiful feedback and fuzz guitars. The final single released by the Chicago-based act from

Young Tongue – “Electric Display”

“Electric Display” is a dreamy new track from Austin, TX-based Young Tongue, who previously impressed with the track “Want“. “Electric Display” rides on a blissful key arpeggio, with vibes reminiscent of Beach

Loveless Death Scene – “Someone Who Loves You”

Strongly melodic with a romantic yearning, “Someone Who Loves You” is a devastatingly effective just-released single from Loveless Death Scene, the project of Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Carlos J. Ruiz III — featured

Three Days Dark – “Breaking the Day”

English songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Trent Halliday produces engaging experimental art-rock and psych-pop under the name Three Days Dark. Drawing from influences of the late ’60s and ’70s – in addition to specific

Sunset Exotic – “State of Emergency”

Sunset Exotic’s new track “State of Emergency” is a captivating, moody rocker with hints of Bowie in the vocal line, complemented by bright and anthemic guitar and rhythmic movements. Per Sunset Exotic

The Remarks – “Falter”

If Better Read in Photographs by The Remarks The Remarks are a talented quartet from Boone, North Carolina producing a dreamy vein of indie-rock that draws from psychedelia, power-pop, and folk influences,

Monsune – “Nothing In Return”

Toronto-based singer/songwriter/producer Monsune effectively relays a soulful, yearning in the face of unrequited love on dazzling new track “Nothing in Return”, complete with glistening orchestral effects and smooth-as-butter vocals. The track –

Villows – “Waves”

The three-track Hazy Skies EP kicks off singer/songwriter and producer Vince Tobia’s solo project, Villows, showing an eclectic stylistic grasp through the three tracks, from the guitar-pop of “Lost” and electro-pop caressing

New Albums

REPTIEL – ‘Down Below World’

San Francisco-based band REPTIEL present a heady psych-rock expanse on new album Down Below World, representing the third album in a sci-fi/fantasy