New Tracks

Hollywood Principle – “Seeing What’s Next”

“Seeing What’s Next”, the newest track from San Diego-based electronic group Hollywood Principle, brings back the darkly aquatic feel of previous success “Breathing Underwater“, but with a more neon-tinged club-set intensity that

Ninth Floor Mannequin – “Absences”

“Absences” is a stellar track from Ninth Floor Mannequin that features crisp guitars and a bustling post-punk bass line beautifully complementing the hazy vocals throughout. I’m particularly fond of the bridge around

Jelani Lateef – “Book of Life”

Chicago-based rapper Jelani Lateef boasts an intense delivery that’s similar to the tone and technical astuteness of Big Boi. The narratives of his songs often center around the concept of responsibility, which aligns

The Vigilance Committee – “Set the Pacific On Fire”

Long Island-based quartet The Vigilance Committee shows their impressive ability to alternate between trickling melodic power-pop and dexterously forceful math/prog-rock throughout “Set the Pacific On Fire”, the first track off their new

Clast – “Know You Know Me”

Tell Me A Story by Clast Clast, a trio from Sacramento and Oklahoma City, showcase a strikingly intoxicating sound throughout their enjoyable track “Know You Know Me”. The clashing of darkly industrial

Autumn’s Mutt – “Beasts”

Beasts by Autumn’s Mutt “Beasts” is a strikingly creative track from Autumn’s Mutt, the project of Montreal-based musician Michael Chung, that combines idiosyncratic vocals/lyrics with a gorgeously effervescent synth accompaniment. The “animals, animals, animals” backing

Patrick Joseph – “Setting Sun”

With its creaky acoustics, solemn piano, and sliding twangs, Patrick Joseph casts a wonderfully mysterious melancholic feel throughout the captivating “Setting Sun”. It’s easy to fawn over the trickle of piano just

Little Shells – “I’ll Remain”

Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Little Shells produces a theatrical fusion of jazz and pop to result in a form of orchestral effectiveness that will sound familiar to fans of Fiona Apple, Beth Gibbons, and

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New Albums

King Analog – ‘King Analog’

The self-titled debut album from King Analog reveals a strong instrumental rock sound with ample mystique. Wistful psych-rock nostalgia intermingles cohesively with


pecq – ‘Amnesia’s Ritual’ EP

London-based electronic duo pecq strut an atmospheric, melodic sound on their new EP, Amnesia’s Ritual. The project of multi-instrumentalist duo Nicholas (Nikò)