New Tracks

The Tins – “Sundried Mind”

Binghamton-based act The Tins impressed in January with the peppy success “Clearly Not Zen“, reminding of a huskier vein of The Shins on that one. Their new track, “Sundried Mind”, shows more

Kinisi – “Weird Mannerisms Pt. 1”

Kinisi, the project of Atlanta native Speros Kokenes, incorporates a “first true love” (guitar) with a talent for electronic production that’s savvy on warped samples and hazy textures. New track “Weird Mannerisms

Echo Vista – “Blurs”

Echo Vista, the duo of Tim von Echo and Leo Vista, churn out vibrant electronic music that touches on dream-pop, house, and psychedelia. New track “Blurs” is a piece of effervescent beauty,

Conscious Presence – “Divine”

Fans of early ’90s hip-hop are likely to adore Swiss hip-hop project Conscious Presence, who blend their love for ’70s music and ’90s hip-hop with a great flow to result in successes

Jake Winstrom – “Scared Away the Song”

“Scared Away the Song” is a rousing new track from Jake Winstrom, formerly the lead vocalist and songwriter with Knoxville act Tenderhooks. Upon returning to Knoxville after settling in Brooklyn, Winstrom went

James Adkins – “Don’t Say Goodbye”

“Don’t Say Goodbye” is the opening track on James Adkins’ new album Brokedown Free Man Blues, released on May 12th. The Ohio-based singer/songwriter specializes in a realm of folk, blues, and Americana

Premiere: Villows – “Coffee Under Starlight”

Premiering today, “Coffee Under Starlight” is a track from Philadelphia-based act Villows, the project of Vince Tobia, who previously impressed with the infectious “Someone Like You” in February. “Coffee and Starlight” is

New Albums

Vazum – ‘Western Violence’

The new album from Detroit-based duo Vazum, Western Violence delivers a fierce blend of post-punk and dark alt-rock invigoration. Lyrical references to


Valvo – ‘Lost Futures’

Berlin-based artist Valvo reveals an atmospheric, shoegaze-forward sound throughout Lost Futures. The album succeeds with its cinematic, diverse sound — from spacious