New Tracks

FLOCKS – “When You Appear, Everything Will Be”

FLOCKS are a Cincinatti-based group that utilizes real instrumentation and samples in their crafting of engaging, hypnotic hip-hop vibes. Their debut album contains several highlights, with album opener “When You Appear, Everything

Mike Green – “Honey”

Connecticut-based singer/songwriter Mike Green wowed with suave soundscapes of “Addictive” last month, with the track’s title being apt in its replay-friendly, late-night-driving allure. Just released, “Honey” is another successful track from Green,

Coyle Girelli – “Where’s My Girl?”

The moody and vocally gripping “Where’s My Girl?” is the first solo single from Coyle Girelli, also the frontman of The Chevin. Originally from Leeds and now based in Brooklyn, Girelli is

The Pinkerton Raid – “Thin Places”

“Thin Places” is an engrossing piece of folk from The Pinkerton Raid, featuring a compelling vocal performance and melodically magnetic arsenal. The North Carolina-based act show an innate ability to grow emotional,

Simple Man – “Just In Case”

Labeling themselves as a “genre-confused band from New Jersey,” Simple Man showcase an eclectic sound on their latest EP, touching on rock, jazz, hip-hop, and soul in their collection of stylistic endeavors.

Julian Wa – “Bloom”

“Bloom” is a riveting and yearning slice of folk, showcasing the gorgeous, airy vocals of Australian singer/songwriter Julian Wa. Definitively haunting, the track develops from quaint folk beginnings to a truly haunting

New Albums

JENTL – ‘People Change’ EP

NYC-based trio JENTL impress with a hooky, eclectic pop arsenal on their sophomore EP, People Change. Funky charisma, spacey electro-pop, and fun


Sarah Khatami – ‘stalemate’

A soulful entrancement takes hold throughout stalemate, the melodic debut album from Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Khatami. Inspired by Khatami’s first heartbreak, the