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Post Death Soundtrack – “You Can’t Go Back”

Certainly possessing an apt name, Canadian trip hop/psychedelic rock trio Post Death Soundtrack craft a consuming dark sound on new track “You Can’t Go Back”, which rides on creepy organ-synths, dramatic vocal

Bryson Green – “Some More”

Atlanta native Bryson Green crafts a whimiscal fairytale land of sorts on the twinkling “Some More”, where he repeatedly asks “do you want some more?” over fantasy-land bright synths, with the exuberant

Roger Singh Kahlon – “Believe”

“Believe” is a wonderfully spacious track that sits somewhere between light electro-pop and suave alt-rock, with a jubilant chorus that rides nicely on multiple vocal layers and twinkling keys. The ensuing “Christmas

Baron & Byrne – “Silver Beetle”

Despite the two names, Baron & Byrne is actually the moniker for one Joe Doris, a London-based singer-songwriter. “Silver Beetle” showcases Doris’ haunting harmonies, sounding straight out of the psych-pop heyday with

Blahvocado – “Gold Park”

Blahvocado is the nom de plume of Matt Pignatore, who writes and records everything in his apartment in Burlington, Vermont. The music itself may be recorded in close quarters, but “Gold Park”


Hip-hop instrumentals meet alternative rock on “I Want” from West Texas quartet ANiMALSOUL. The disparate combination feels natural and refreshing here, primarily due to the group’s glistening knack for sensual, R&B-inspired hooks.

The Moonlight Club – “Words In Gold”

The Moonlight Club is a band of extremes. The Montreal-based trio’s song “Words In Gold” jumps from brooding verses to a chorus that flows with confidently soaring glee, chugging along in jangle-pop

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