New Tracks

see ame – “Can’t” + “Simple”

See Ame is a solo project out of San Francisco, already capable of haunting dream-pop soundscapes that bring to mind Beach House’s ethereal lushness as well as Chromatics’ nocturnal stirrings. Per Ame,

Cael Dadian – “Saved” + “Pay It Back”

Cael Dadian is a fiercely talented pop songwriter and vocalist whose recent gospel infusions have resulted in two phenomenal tracks: “Saved” and “Pay It Back”. Listening to his rich sound, it’s amazing

PJ Orr – “Mona Lisa”

Aussie rock group Hailer impressed numerous times in years past, especially with the tracks “Spooky Clams” and “Digging Holes“. The former’s sound beckoned to a unique mold of dark Brit-pop (early Suede, Auteurs)

Secret Weapons – “Perfect World”

“Perfect World” is a colorfully anthemic electro-rocker from Secret Weapons, a Brooklyn-based duo whose debut single “Something New” made blog-based waves. After an intro that teases the chorus, the verses show themselves

Trillionayers – “Alive”

The second single from Trillionayers, “Alive” is just that — a living, breathing take on party-set rock ‘n’ roll that’s another excellent addition to Australia’s fine psych-rock scene. Featuring a hypnotic rhythm

Pete Lehar – “Off the Table”

“Off the Table” is a shimmering piece of jangle-pop from Boston-based Pete Lehar. Bright guitar strutting and synth flourishes accompany Lehar’s warbled voice, leading into the multi-layered vocal chorus around 01:20, when Lehar

Mons Vi – “Want Me Too”

Another great one from Mons Vi, “Want Me Too” begins with suave lushness that almost recalls Latin jazz-pop with its shuffling percussion and gentle guitar twangs, like an ethereal lo-fi Steely Dan.

New Albums

Deully – ‘This Long Road’

Engaging with a heavy-rocking sound that explores the trials of recovery and perseverance, This Long Road is the striking new album from