New Tracks

Logwitch – “The 2nd Glance : Askew”

Logwitch is an interesting act based out of Edmonds, Washington, who spans numerous genres to find his own niche within EDM. His new album, Trail of the Contortionist, “melodically tells a Lovecraftian

Agency – “Join In”

Previously showcased with the tracks “Evaporate” and “Coward“, Maine-based project AGENCY has a new track out called “Join in”, off his new album Identity. The project remains an enigma for the most part,

Edward & Graham – “Menomonee Road”

On “Menomonee Road”, basic southern-tinged folk beginnings evolve into a expansive chorus, where various vocal layers and electric guitars come into the fold in a way that’s very anthemic. A guitar solo

Sister Socrates – “Less Myself”

“Less Myself” is a haunting stunner from Sister Socrates, a four-piece out of Melbourne. A ghostly backing croon permeates throughout the track’s majority, with bustling acoustics and a crawling bass line help

LeyeT – “Don’t Make Me Cry”

“Don’t Make Me Cry” is a smashing debut from LeyeT (pronounced “light”), her first release. Crisp percussive pops and a lush guitar lines complement soaring vocals, during a verse that’s subdued but

Blue Heart’s Revelry – “Virginia”

Until You’re Gone by Blue Heart’s Revelry Blue Heart’s Revelry are a five-piece out of Easton, Pennsylvania with a penchant for riveting, folk-laden Americana. Their new album, Until You’re Gone, features eight memorable

Jaguar Purrs – “White Roses”

Another new one from Jaguar Purrs (who recently impressed with “Future Visions“), “White Roses” is a just-released track that follows up their debut EP. This one touts a twinkling effervescence and crawling

BONOMO – “Water”

BONOMO is an alt-folk duo out of Brooklyn, whose trickling and brilliant new single “Water” conveys its namesake well; bustling bass-y rhythms and gliding acoustics resemble a fast-moving stream. The songwriting is

New Albums

Minorarc – ‘Inclusions’

A diversely atmospheric rock sound permeates Inclusions, the most recent album from Australian artist Minorarc. From serenely introspective guitar murmurs to frolicking


Brad Walrond – ‘Alien Day’

The full-length debut album out today from NYC-based artist Brad Walrond, Alien Day presents the artist’s spoken-word format within an eclectic range


Kallai – ‘Kallai’ EP

A serenely gripping shoegaze production impresses on the self-titled EP from Kallai, a band based in Portland, OR. Shoegaze, alt-rock, and post-punk