New Tracks

Lärmheim – “Video Game Soundtrack”

Swiss electronic artist Henri de Saussure performs under the name Lärmheim, producing a very impressive form of experimental electronica that conjures striking atmospheres and melodically stirring developments. Lärmheim’s past experience in a

Standing Ovation (SO) – “Nelly”

SO (Standing Ovation) produce an oddly infectious form of organic hip-hop that reminds of both Andre 3000’s charisma and the spaced-out intensity of Odd Future’s beats. Consisting of Virginia-based producer Bronze Baby

Ironwoods – “Crystal Math”

Ironwoods by Ironwoods Ironwoods are a band from Hawaii who just put out a very impressive eponymous album. Their combination of dexterous math-rock and alt-rock remind of The Wrens and Modest Mouse, especially with the

Native Color – “American Wasteland”

Native Color are a new act from Denver with an energetic punk-laden art-rock sound that lends favorable comparisons to Arctic Monkeys and ¡Forward, Russia!. New single “American Wasteland” wastes no time, launching

Bryan Deister – “All That I Have”

Bryan Deister’s new album, Spines of the Heart, is a sprawling 22-track journey that treks the enjoyably dark corners of his classical-inspired electro-pop. With his classically trained pedigree showing well, Deister’s sound

Idiot Grins – “Poppy Piss”

Since their 2011 debut, Oakland-based group Idiot Grins have gradually infused R&B and soul into their sound, genres all five members share a mutual fondness for. Their new album Big Man was

Hurdles – “Dusk and Dawn”

“Dusk and Dawn” is a very pleasant track from Belfast-based four-piece Hurdles, who released the track as a single release ahead of their new EP, out February 1st. Warbly synths, cooing vocals,

Bienart – “Surgeon”

Off Bienart’s most recent album, “Surgeon” shows the Chicago-based singer/songwriter touting a polished and striking sound, which here will sound reminiscent of Beck to many. The heavy bass, active percussion, and sharp vocals

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