New Tracks

LEO – “Murf”

Taking a cue from lushly melodic gems from various genres, from the Beatles and Tame Impala to J Dilla and Frank Ocean, Jon Holt crafts entrancing music under the alias LEO. Based

Human Eyes – “I Might”

The Wind’s 2011 album Harum Scarum was one of my favorite user submissions in this site’s nine-year history. The double-album was surprisingly accessible despite its length, thanks to a sound that masterfully merged the classic-rock

Lozk – “Han Sow”

With the track “Han Sow”, Colombian producer Leonardo Suárez Jiménez is in complete control of textural development; his ability to infuse samples – ranging from everyday life sounds to exotic string instruments

B.O.X.E.R. – “Issue No5”

With spurts of brass adorning Anna-Maria Nemetz’s passionate vocals, B.O.X.E.R.’s “Issue No5” is an immediately striking track. The dark-pop production and meshes wonderfully with the various brass accompaniments, which are delivered suavely in

Gideon King and City Blog – “City Blog”

Gideon King and City Blog is a jazz fusion project whose new album, City Blog, is making waves among anyone who appreciates chilled-out sophistication in the vein of Steely Dan, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter

Kiravell – “Yello Hazy”

Growing up in Detroit, Meniyka Kiravell found an enjoyable escape in the world of fantasy books and theater, which eventually led to her ultimate love for music. When attending college at the

GGOOLLDD – “All Night”

GGOOLLDD’s sleek sound struck me back in 2014 with the great track “Younger Days“, a masterful blend of ’80s post-punk with more recent synth-pop infatuations (Frankie Rose was a good comparison at the

New Albums

Sarah Khatami – ‘stalemate’

A soulful entrancement takes hold throughout stalemate, the melodic debut album from Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Khatami. Inspired by Khatami’s first heartbreak, the


Christopher Lock – ‘Ephemerist’

A dynamic electronic album with gripping atmospheric variation, Ephemerist represents the debut full-length of NYC-based musician and violinist Christopher Lock. The artist’s