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Lymbyc Systym

To say that Lymbyc Systym represent the next large movement might be an overstatement, but their methodology is certainly becoming more prevalent among emerging artists. Almost all of us can remember being enamored with a certa...

J. Tillman Sings the Vacilando Territory Blues

Though there are still a few underexposed albums from 2008 that I will feature in the coming weeks, it is most certainly not too early to move on to 2009. We have only slightly more than three weeks left and, with the “Top 50 A...


Federico Aubele Travels Panamericana

It was just yesterday that I was musing about musicians traveling from country to country, coping with obstacles both musically and socially. While Hoax Funeral was certainly enjoyable, there was little doubt that their calming...

Joe Henry: A Timeless Musical Entrepreneur

After posting about a few new artists who were fresh on the scene with inexperience with nothing but hefty ambitions in their pockets, I figured a change of pace would do us all some good. This leads us to Joe Henry – the...


Bark Bark Bark “Haunts” In Debut

Seeing the rampant success of bands like Xiu Xiu and Man Man, Jacob Cooper must have been considering all aspects when deciding on the name for his new solo project. Following the currently popular band-naming ritual of duplica...

Charles Gocher: 1953 – 2007

In terms of innovation, passion, durability, and flexibility, few American bands matched the quality of the Sun City Girls. Though they never came close to commercial success, they obtained an extremely dedicated cult following...