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Best Albums of 2007: #20 to #11

———————————————————————————————– 20...

REVIEW: The Tough Alliance – A New Chance

Though currently only available as an import, this Swedish dance album is worth every penny of the hefty import price.


The Defog’s Impressive Ebb and Flow

As important as a debut album is, it usually inherits expectations that are either nonexistent or minimal at best. The artist is inexperienced, giddy, and often in awe of their surroundings. If a debut comes off in any way as l...

A Bleakly Enjoyable Murder Mystery

It must be a convenient experience to be in a band with a bunch of trustworthy individuals, particularly ones that you grew up being friends with. I imagine that squabbles concerning finances and personal differences are either...


Eskimo Joe is Coming to America

International success has an odd way of distinguishing itself. An artist could be recognized on the streets of their native country by virtually every bystander while, in a different country, even their name would be rendered u...

Another Beach Boys tribute; New Pornographers go Live!

I found a fairly interesting tribute album yesterday. Though there have been dozens of Beach Boys tributes already, Do It Again: A Tribute To Pet Sounds is another nod to one of the most influential albums of all time. The trib...