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Obscure Sound: Best of January 2009

This month’s compilation actually serves as a fusion of December and January. My primary focus in December was the Best Albums of 2008 feature, so there were not enough featured artists to suffice for an entire compilatio...

Silje Nes’ Serenely Optical Room

Created by ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames, Jr. in 1934, an “Ames room” is considered to be one of the most revered examples of an optical illusion. To sum it up, the room contains distorted dimensions that allows an ...


Madrid’s Own Russian Red

When I wrote about the tactful Håkan Hellström earlier this week, the only nuisance that I found in regard to the Swede was the lack of information surrounding him. Come to think of it though, if I could read Swedish then it wo...

Ghost Bees Practice Tasseomancy

Some people say that twins have a sixth sense, an ability to mutually sense when their brother or sister is in a state of distress. Though telepathic interpretations remain too otherworldly to be of widely noted acceptance, it ...


Best Albums of 2007: #30 to #21

———————————————————————————————– 30...

Lavender Diamond Shines Brightly on Debut

For fans of Becky Stark’s self-produced modern operetta, “Bird Songs of the Bauharoque”, it hardly came as a surprise when she hit it big with Lavender Diamond. Stark, the star of the widely acclaimed stage sh...