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Interview with The Flaming Lips

At 49, Wayne Coyne and his quartet of space-a-delic freaks have earned a Grammy, covered Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” in its entirety, and toured relentlessly across the world. Currently on tour for Embryonic, the s...

Big Spider’s Back

Repetition and pretentiousness are sometimes aligned in music, especially when something not even worth hearing once is repeated continuously. Listeners do not want artists forcing anything on them, especially when it is a frus...


JJ Explores the World

Update: My review of jj’s new album, jj n° 3, can be found here. Another day, another elusive electronic artist from Sweden. It seems like I have come to expect the small country to dominate the realm of innovative electr...

God Help the Girl

Belle & Sebastian have always been one of the finest examples of how simplicity and intricacy are not exclusive entities in music. The Glasgow-based group’s melodies have always been extremely accessible; the arrangements f...


Best Albums of 2008: #30 to #21

by Mike Mineo ——————————————————————————————...

Kent McAlister & The Iron Choir

Say you are at a party, chatting up a nice young gal or guy, jumping from topic to topic in an effort to get to know one another. If you are reading this site, there is a good chance that music holds a large place in your heart...