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Hush the Many (Heed the Few)

The charm of a vocal duet can be dependent on a variety of things. Melody, pitch, and coordination are a few of the most basic aspects, but one that continues to be constantly dismissed by musicians and critics alike is the che...

Picastro, Owen Pallett, Jamie Stewart, and their Whore Luck

Some bands just have to work harder than others to achieve success. It is a common fact that is based on luck, drive, and, most importantly, how important individuality is to the members at hand. When Picastro released their de...


Bark Bark Bark “Haunts” In Debut

Seeing the rampant success of bands like Xiu Xiu and Man Man, Jacob Cooper must have been considering all aspects when deciding on the name for his new solo project. Following the currently popular band-naming ritual of duplica...

Best Albums of 2006: #30 to #21

———————————————————————————————- 30. Dest...



The Arcade Fire have finally posted some news regarding their yet untitled new album. Win Butler has informed the massive fanbase on their official web site that fifteen songs are finished, with final details about to be record...


Owen Pallett created his project Final Fantasy when his friend and fellow musician, Patrick Wolf, was in need of an opening act. Pallett created some simple songs to aid his friend and created his own opening act, entitling it ...