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Cats on Fire – Our Temperance Movement (2009)

Music is one of the few ways we can revisit the past through our senses. Listeners tend to eternally place themselves in a particular emotional or social location after hearing a song, and this consequently creates a memory or ...

Popular names with a similar game: Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, Albarn

This past week has been filled with news of fresh releases by prominent names. Though many would consider these songs to be “leaks” of some form, word is circulating that these artists almost intentionally released ...


Blur to reform; The Black Angels turn on, tune in, drone out

After a year of rampant speculation, it is finally official: Blur is back! The Brit-pop legends recently confirmed that former guitarist Graham Coxon will put aside his differences and aid in the recording of their final album,...

Upcoming releases: Frog Eyes, Smashing Pumpkins, Maps

Here is a brand new track from Frog Eyes. You know, one third of the apparent holy trinity that is Swan Lake. I may sound a bit unjust in saying this, but my favorite songwriter out of the three is Frog Eyes’ Carey Mercer...


New Releases: GoodBooks, The Magic Numbers, The Beatles

The question has echoed endlessly: what makes the perfect pop song? The Beatles knew the answer, as did The Beach Boys, but contemporary artists often find themselves struggling to create a pop masterpiece that can be capably a...