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Sindie 4 – Inside! Inside! Inside!

Sindie 4 tread everywhere from Wire’s concise punk to Roxy Music’s sophisticated touch of glam, from swirling organ-led psychedelia to hazy British Invasion. The trio turn their pocketful of influences into fiercely...

Styrenes – All the Wrong People are Dying (1998)

All the Wrong People Are Dying is not actually an album, but a collection of the earlier Styrenes album A Monster and a Devil alongside several 12”s and a compilation track. Somehow, despite the cobbled-together nature of...


Mario Gonzalez – Lindsay Lohan Likes Blood (2011)

This EP is excellently done, and every song except the title track is a wonderful, drone and glitch-filled pop delight. Delicate and graceful melodies slip between the cracks of digital wreckage, or sometimes emerge from the ca...

The Eversons

The Eversons are highlights in the fusion of past and present that is art-punk, a genre most recently propelled by names like Art Brut and The Rakes. Both groups debuted in 2005 with a thickly accented, spontaneously wry vocal ...


The Carpels

The Carpels represent a new era for the Birmingham music scene, one that looks set to grab the ears of London and the nation. The area’s rough-and-ready indie sound has bred a small and exclusive scene that is gaining str...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Teenage Panzerkorps

Teenage Panzerkorps are more than revivalists in the songwriting sense. Their sounds recall the kraut-rock of Can and Neu! with a cutting-edge lo-fi allure, vast and tributary enough to appear like a fusion of albums one obtain...