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Best Albums of 2009: #40 to #31

Part two of our five-day feature broadens the coverage of this year's finest albums.

Consistency is the Reigning Sound

An all-or-nothing mentality is often applied toward the music industry, disregarding any possibility of a middle status whatsoever. An artist achieves success from an album or project that will be forever associated with their ...


Foreign Born, LA Bred

Foreign causes are often distinctive enough to warrant recognition on their own. Food is probably the most common instance of this, with the international food industry comprising for a substantial bulk of food sales in the US....

Justin Townes Earle Lives The Good Life

There are a lot of ways that you could say Justin Townes Earle resembles his father but, surprisingly enough, his stylistic delivery has no relevancy to such comparisons. Though his acoustical interpretations of country and fol...



I often find myself fascinated with dramatically poetic musicians. A lugubrious perspective applied toward the lyrical aspect doesn’t hurt either. There is not much publicly known about Joe Abernethy or, as his musical ou...