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Learning Our ACB’s

There is little doubt in my mind that The ACB’s have been mistakenly introduced as “The ABC’s” on more than one occasion. After all, one can only expect so much from human nature. Being taught the fundam...

Blair. Her Last Name is Irrelevant.

She simply goes by the name of Blair. Her last name and middle initials remain an absolute mystery to the casual onlookers but, for some reason, it hardly seems to matter. Blair can light up a room with her effervescent vocals;...


Picastro, Owen Pallett, Jamie Stewart, and their Whore Luck

Some bands just have to work harder than others to achieve success. It is a common fact that is based on luck, drive, and, most importantly, how important individuality is to the members at hand. When Picastro released their de...

Great Northern Provides Memorable Depth on Debut

On the cover of Great Northern‘s debut album, Trading Twilight for Daylight, sits a barren tree backed by an arctic landscape. Such a dormant image is ironic considering the band’s lively and articulately layered so...


Blue Fringe: Don’t Mind the “Religious” Tag

In this world of constant indecisiveness, music is one of the only aspects in life that individuals of all religions, races, and philosophies can enjoy together, to a collective extent. Apart from the occasional political balla...

The Eternals set to release third album, Heavy International

Originality has always been a major factor in determining an artist’s worth. Though many artists strive to remain in their contemporary timeframe in terms of musical influences to promote media appeal, there are always th...


New song from Sufjan Stevens

While the extreme popularity of Sufjan Stevens has often become abrasive, there is no denying he is one of the most talented songwriters currently making music. Though literally thousands of blogs has posted material from Sufja...

DASHING DEBUTS: Ghosty – Grow Up or Sleep In

Ghosty are a group from Lawrence, Kansas that simply enjoys making catchy pop songs. This was evidenced in their 2002 EP, Three Pop Songs, which I enjoyed prior to hearing their debut album, Grow Up or Sleep In, about a year ag...


REVIEW: Marc Bolan & T-Rex – Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow (1974)

Dan takes a look back on Bolan’s classic album from 1974.


Though David Bowie is taking the year off, he will curate the High Line Festival in New York in May 2007. It is quite far away, but it will be Bowie’s first show in New York in four years ( source ). Another veteran music...