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The Haret

The Haret sound like a 1940s Mississippi blues quartet that would be far more comfortable on the front porch of the general store than a modern music venue or bar. Instead, live recordings have revealed that frontman Ryan Baer ...

Best Albums of 2008: #10 to #01

by Mike Mineo ——————————————————————————————...


Sleepercar’s West Texas Roots

When The Mars Volta emerged in 2002 with De-Loused in the Comatorium, one of the most uniquely exciting debuts of the past several years, the widespread acclaim for the release also brought attention to the originating projects...

Arthur & Yu Capture Tranquility On “In Camera”

Kurt Cobain once claimed in an interview that Jonathan Poneman, the founder of the ceaseless label Sub Pop, coined the term “grunge”. Considering the impact that the particular movement had on music in the late 80s ...


Creech Holler

Ironically, Americana is a genre whose definition is often more heavily dependent on countries other than America. Rock music has always been a universal statement, as has electronica, hip-hop, and many other classifiable genre...

The Zetland Players; Butcher Boy

I’m sure your mother has told you at least once to “respect your elders”. The Zetland Players are certainly respectful, with two of the three members taking cues from their grandfathers, who were both musician...