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Orouni – “The Lives of Elevators”

Gentle acoustics and a playful keys accompaniment help complement Orouni’s engaging vocals on this excellent live session shot of “The Lives of Elevators”, a new effort off the group’s upcoming album. Al...

Galapaghost – “Salt Lake City”

Galapaghost impressed a few months back with his new album I Never Arrived, showcasing his psychedelic folk music roots. The project, based in Austin, Texas, showed an impressive sound with the track “I Never Arrived”, where dr...


Wicklow Atwater – “Inside You”

Los Angeles-based Americana/Roots group Wicklow Atwater produces a timeless sound that rides on fast-moving acoustics, engaging and humorous lyrics, swift harmonicas, and a personable vocal delivery. Their new album,

Go Suburban – “Heavens Harbinger”

Provo, Utah-based rock group Go Suburban impressed mightily this summer with their new album WWDK, which featured highlights like the self-titled cut and “Somewhere Somehow” that showed the project with Arcade Fire-...


David Rosen – “Butterfly”

Ghostly and ominous beginnings cast a cinematic quality on David Rosen’s “Butterfly”, especially combined with the running-motion in the video. Some guitar strums around 00:40 add an elegant quality that’...

Steve Powers – “Good Music” (ft. Jack Frostt)

“Good Music” is a feel-good electro-pop anthem that builds up with a reggaeton-like lead and effervescent electronic beat toward a crisply sonorous display. Jack Frostt’s enthusiastic vocals lead this summer j...


Rudy & The Dunk Reactions – “Believe”

We already knew Rudy & The Dunk Reactions was a project full of fun, evidenced by their “Game of Drones” music video a little over a month ago. Now, the 31-year old electronic producer from Seattle has his thir...

Molly Moore – “Natural Disaster” (MTS Remix)

Stirring strings and riveting keys serve as the instrumental forces throughout “Natural Disaster” (MTS Remix), though it’s Molly Moore’s fierce vocals and knack for hook-y melodic variation that shines b...