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Video: Field Trip to the Moon – “You”

“You” is a memorable track from Field Trip to the Moon, the rock/pop project of London-based Angela Christofilou. It manages to impress mightily throughout its two-minute running time, with Christofilou’s melo...

Stereo Soul Future – “Remember Alaska”

Stereo Soul Future’s “Remember Alaska” is a beautiful track with fluttering acoustics, serene vocals, and a Brian Wilson-esque knack for vocal pop harmonizing. The lyrics match that beauty, the track being ded...


Premiere: Dream Phases – “Summer Daze”

Los Angeles-based Dream Phases incorporate influences steeped in classic rock, country, and soul with modern noise-pop, led by the entrancing vocals and songwriting of Brandon Graham. Dream Phases recently released their debut ...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Todavia – “Fallen”

We featured Todavia’s “Fallen” this past April, highlighting the talented Los Angeles-based Rhyan Riesgo’s shimmering guitars and soaring vocals, which evoked both Mazzy Star and Beach House with the lus...


Rebecca Schiffman – “Laura”

Rebecca Schiffman’s just-released music video for her melodic track “Laura” is based off Seinfeld‘s pilot episode, the track named after the love interest of Jerry (who wonders throughout the episode if ...

Premiere: Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren – “The Rajakarjala Forests”

Obscure Sound is pleased to premiere a new track from the collaboration between friends/neighbors Mikael Ögren and Johan Agebjörn, previously featured here for his solo works as well as his dazzling work with Sally Shapiro. It ...


David Rosen – “Back Into the Dark”

David Rosen impressed this past fall with the engrossing “Butterfly“, where an ominous space-y beginning evolved into hypnotic ’80s synth arps reminiscent of the Stranger Things soundtrack. It was my introduct...

Orouni – “The Lives of Elevators”

Gentle acoustics and a playful keys accompaniment help complement Orouni’s engaging vocals on this excellent live session shot of “The Lives of Elevators”, a new effort off the group’s upcoming album. Al...


Galapaghost – “Salt Lake City”

Galapaghost impressed a few months back with his new album I Never Arrived, showcasing his psychedelic folk music roots. The project, based in Austin, Texas, showed an impressive sound with the track “I Never Arrived”, where dr...

Wicklow Atwater – “Inside You”

Los Angeles-based Americana/Roots group Wicklow Atwater produces a timeless sound that rides on fast-moving acoustics, engaging and humorous lyrics, swift harmonicas, and a personable vocal delivery. Their new album,