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Reuben Bullock

I recently went to see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy at the cinema. Of course, on the surface that doesn’t have much to do with the release of Reuben Bullock’s new record Man Made Lakes, but bear with me. When I saw Tinker Tailor, ...

Koko and the Sweetmeats

Koko and the Sweetmeats, a four-piece from Seattle, recently announced the release of their new record Sacrifice. The band, who were named “Best Garage Band” for 2011 by Seattle Weekly, describe Sacrifice as a conce...


Silver Tongues

Louisville’s hidden treasure Silver Tongues, and their debut album Black Kite, serve as a glorious throwback to classic rock bands. They hearken back to the days when a debut album could freely experiment by dabbling in multipl...

Ten Songs Reinvigorating the Past

Drew takes a look at ten of his favorite songs that pay tribute to the past, whether it's traditional British rock, vintage synth-pop, or music from the other side of the world.


Sonic New York

Despite the fact that you don’t hear a lot pertaining to the Carolina Chocolate Drops on mainstream radio, they are Grammy winners. So it’s not terribly surprising that one if its founding members, Rhiannon Giddens, has a new p...

Emanuel and the Fear

One cold New York City night in January 2009, I found myself in the back room of the Bowery Poetry Club, encircled by the typical PBR-wielding twenty-somethings and some of the most magical music I’ve ever encountered. By wande...


Brickwork Lizards Live

Sometimes, the story of a good band can be told through the variety and blend of their influences. Put a new spin on something old, or make fire from a pile of old sawdust. Creating something original is often described as the ...

Elbow – Build a Rocket Boys! (2011)

With Build a Rocket Boys!, Elbow have not returned with more arena-filling choruses, beautiful as they were. Instead, their fifth full-length boasts a sparser sound and a lament on lost youth. Garvey’s lyrics have always been w...


Interview with Laura Imbruglia

There are plenty of musicians that use the luck of being born with a celebrity surname to speed up their own career, but not Laura Imbruglia. The younger sister of pop queen Natalie has spent most of her career trying to forge ...

Jeremy Fisher’s Flood

Three years removed from his last full-length album, Canadian sensation Jeremy Fisher follows through with his most complete album yet. Released on October 25th, Flood is an outstanding collection of indie-folk tunes that will ...