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The Return of Sean Lennon

It has been eight years since Sean Lennon released his debut album, Into the Sun. The album had several faults, as it didn’t flow very well as an album, but it still had its moments and showcased incredible potential. This was only to be expected because, after all, he is the son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. For the past eight years, the only interesting topic concering Sean was who he was dating, which ranged from Cibo Matto to Leelee Sobieski to Mick Jagger’s daughter. Finally, he is delivering his second album Friendly Fire this September and I must say, it is a huge step up. Sean’s vocals are noticably higher than his father John and his half-brother Julian, but he handles them well and maintains key. His musical style does not stray too far from John Lennon and Paul McCartney, though some of Sean’s songs contain some orchestral additions that sound similar to McCartney’s latest solo efforts.

While his debut album seemed to skip around a variety of genres, Friendly Fire focuses on a consistent and lovely sound. Sean seems to be much more comfortable with himself musically and it sounds as if he really improved on his talents. There is a high probability that most reviews or articles that you read about Sean’s new album will be slightly biased, as if people expect him to be the second coming of his father. If you dismiss his parents’ popularity and talent, you should still find that Friendly Fire is a very good sophomore album. ‘Parachute’ and ‘Wait For Me’ are both lush arrangements, with ‘Parachute’ containing some suitable lyrics. “Love is like an aeroplane, you jump and then you pray,” Lennon reveals, “lucky ones remain in the clouds for days”. The chorus in particular is stellar over some haunting keys. Those haunting keys come back for a visit in ‘Wait For Me’, which is an acoustically charged ballad similar to McCartney’s ‘Too Much Rain’. ‘Spectacle’ starts off slowly but eventually builds into a very delicate but energetic chorus with slightly audible but effective strings. Sean definitely has an ear for vocal melody, like his father. Friendly Fire is an extremely enjoyable album in its entirety, whether it was created by a Lennon or not.

Sean Lennon – Parachute


Sean Lennon – Wait For Me


Sean Lennon – Spectacle


Friendly Fire Video Preview

This video preview of the album is fantastically done. It goes through several scenarios of Sean witnessing unrequited love, from medieval to modern times. It even features such big names as Bijou Philips, Asia Argento, and uh… Lindsay Lohan? Yep, she’s even in there. All those big names and Sean are in this entertaining bit that is just under four minutes. Check it out, for sure.
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