Obscure Sound: Best of March 2011

March was a bit of a tease. Some days in the 70s, others in the 30s… we are clearly at the border of two seasons. As we prepare for the big spring/summer releases, it is no crime to look to the past for instances of greatness. After all, two artists this month – Nicolas Makelberge and The Chairs – do not have any recent releases. Simply, it was just apparent they were under-exposed. Familiar faces like Junior Boys, Elbow, Danielson, and of Montreal released something new and worthwhile or are in the midst of doing so, and these tracks – especially Junior Boys’ “ep” – show that none have lost a step. That leaves Jeff the Brotherhood, The Great Society Mind Destroyers, Colin Stetson, and Bridges as the most notable new-comers this month (though Stetson was already well-known in certain circles). Clearly, this was a month of familiar faces and new ones – both that have released something recently and not so much. I hope you enjoy it. Also, pardon the lack of updating the past week… I was overseas. I’m back now though and looking forward to the upcoming features. Additionally, I have also been helping out with a promising project that should appeal to all readers of this site. Details for that will be coming shortly, within 24 hours most likely. In the meantime, enjoy the comp as usual.

01. Junior Boys – ep (post)
02. Nicolas Makelberge – So Young (post)
03. Jeff the Brotherhood – Endless Fire (post)
04. The Great Society Mind Destroyers – Samsara Drag (post)
05. Colin Stetson – A Dream of Water (post)
06. Bridges – Again and Again (post)
07. Elbow – Jesus Is a Rochdale Girl (post)
08. Danielson – Lil Norge (post)
09. of Montreal – Black Lion Massacre (post)
10. The Chairs – This Isn’t a Fire Fortress (post)
11. Teenage Panzerkorps – German Reggae (post)


Mike Mineo

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for these comps. I’ve been downloading them for over a year now and I really look forward to each new one. I get most of my new musical interests from them. Superfun. 😀 So, thanks!

  2. I have to ad to whats been said above. Fantastic website and fantastic comps. I have also been downloading for well over a year. Muchos Gracios!

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