Good Days – “Violet”

The final song in Good Days’ enjoyable ROYGBIV series, “Violet” is a romantic rocker that reflects the color’s association with compassion. The “send out


Good Days – “Indigo”

Good Days’ latest color, “Indigo” is the latest in the band’s ‘ROYGBIV’ singles collection. The multi-layered vocal exultation at the 30-second mark kicks the


Good Days – “Blue”

The uplifting, melodic “Blue” is the latest in Good Days’ successful ‘ROYGBIV’ singles collection. The band aims for a calming and loving sound here


Good Days – “Green”

“Green” is the latest entry in Good Days’ ongoing singles collection ROYGBIV, where the ban digs in heavily into the psychology of each color,


Good Days – “Yellow”

“Yellow” is the latest foray into the color spectrum from Good Days, the newest entry from their singles collection ROYGBIV. Previously, we’ve heard “Red”


Good Days – “Orange”

“Orange” is an excellent track released today from New York act Good Days, following up “Red” as the latest installment in their ROYGBIV singles


Good Days – “Red”

The bouncy and enthusiastic “Red” is the latest showing from Good Days, the New York-based duo who previously impressed with the hook-y “Love Soaked