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CRÈME – “Back In Love”

December 11, 2019
CRÈME’s latest track “Back In Love” continues to strut electro-pop infectiousness, following a serenely atmospheric introduction. The track shows CRÈME — the project of Trixie Reiss — leading with trickling, icy synths, which adorn Reiss’ melodic vocals to start. A playfully melodic hook ...

CRÈME – “Set Me Free”

August 9, 2019
“Set Me Free” is the latest electro-pop success from CRÈME, the project of Trixie Reiss. One of her most melodically addictive releases to date, the track gets going especially at the 50-second mark, which brings forth a wholly infectious hook conveying a whirring sense of exhilaration. Spirited vocal laye...

CRÈME – “Memories”

May 17, 2019
“Memories” is the latest track from CRÈME, released today. The project of Trixie Reiss has impressed with many tracks in the past, and this is one is no exception. Effervescent synth pulsations accompany Reiss’ melodic vocals to start, the “what is left of you?” line signaling...

CRÈME – “Above Ground” (Texas Drew Remix)

January 10, 2019
Released this week, Texas Drew’s remix of CRÈME’s  “Above Ground” is a noted success, retaining the original track’s strengths while adding a nocturnal edge to the hook and overall sound. The effort starts with a climatic intro of warming synths, which are quickly accompanied ...


October 5, 2018
Today marks the release of BRÛLÉE, a five-track output from CRÈME. Stream it above, and on Spotify here. “Beaches” succeeds in a buzzing inectiousness while still retaining a sense of atmosphere, a great entry from the former Crystal Method collaborator (Trixie was a writer and performer on the electronic ...

CRÈME – “Above Ground”

September 28, 2018
“Above Ground” is the third single off CRÈME’s EP BRÜLÉE. It’s another success, following the releases of “Deed“, “Beaches“, and “YRGM“. “Above Ground” begins with Trixie Reiss’ consuming vocals — which tonally tout pop-fri...


September 21, 2018
Hot off the hooky and involved “Beaches” a couple weeks ago, CRÈME is back with another expansive electro-pop success with “YRGM”, which she dubs “probably the most upfront and revealing of the songs on BRÜLÉE (the project’s upcoming release).” The verses are fairl...

CRÈME – “Beaches”

September 7, 2018
Released this morning, “Beaches” is a captivating new track from CRÈME, the project of Trixie Reiss that impressed previously with gems like “Resolution” and “Deed“. “Beaches” is her debut on Los Angeles-based label Blossöm Records. The track is off the forth...

CRÈME – “Deed”

May 17, 2018
CRÈME, the exciting project of Trixie Reiss (former The Crystal Method collaborator), released a new track today, “Deed”, that showcases her ability to craft engaging soundscapes, colorful melodies, and hypnotic hooks. Crystal Method fans will remember Trixie from her role as writer and vocalist on their d...

Crème – “Resolution”

November 30, 2017
Crème is the new recording alias of Trixie Reiss, who fans of The Crystal Method will recognize as a writer and performer on the electronic duo’s debut, platinum-selling album Vegas, which featured their #1 hit “Comin’ Back”. Reiss returns from an extended hiatus as Crème, seizing on a fa...