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Woozy Viper

This NYC-based duo have successfully taken the great pop sensibilities of the Mod era and interwoven post-modern nuances to form a refreshing aberration. Tracks like "Dirty Rat" and "King Kong" are reminiscent of The Monks in s...

Lollapalooza ’10 Recap

In preparation for next year's 20th anniversary, Lollapalooza 2010 offered a fantastic display of artists both new and old. Taylor DeBoer was there and recaps the highlights, even if these nine well-known artists were just the ...


Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (2010)

If Funeral was the personal homage to life, love, and loss, as Neon Bible was a straight shot at the gut of political immoral corruption, then Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs is merely a simple acknowledgment of the two concepts. Not...

Thoughts on Outkast’s Idlewild

Many hardcore rap fans would say that 2006 has been a horrible year for Hip-Hop. In terms of classic, cohesive Hip-Hop albums, fans have gotten so desperate as to call any Rap album that drops a “classic”. Despite all of th...


The Grates – Gravity Won’t Get You High

For their debut full-length, The Grates, 3-piece from Brisbane, have gone all out on production recording the album in America and working with a producer for the first time.  The result is an amazing collection of off-beat po...

REVIEW: Marc Bolan & T-Rex – Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow (1974)

Dan takes a look back on Bolan’s classic album from 1974.