Mr. Stee – “Out There”

Vancouver-based instrumental hip-hop artist Mr. Stee – the alias of Stefan Raupach – impresses mightily on his track “Out There”, where a funky guitar


Killer Bee – “irl”

Based out of the New York/New Jersey area, 23-year-old hip-hop producer Killer Bee shows tribute to glistening old-school hip-hop on his new tape Otaku,


Stann Smith – “Hooligan”

Intense vocals, solemn piano trickles, and a squiggly synth line comprise the ominous build-up throughout “Hooligan”, a darkly infectious effort from rapper Stann Smith.


OMUMO – Sampler

I stumbled across this eclectic compilation of acts currently on Washington, DC-based independent label OMUMO, formed last year by multi-instrumentalist and producer Brad Atefi.

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