New Tracks

Holy ’57 – “Jep Shuffle”

Holy ’57 is a project out of London with a crisp and refreshing sound. Newly released single “Jep Shuffle” uses tropical-minded key arpeggios, surf-y guitar tones, and youthfully exuberant vocals reminiscent of

Isra – “Truthtellers”

Copenhagen-based group Isra have a sparkling new single called “Truthtellers”, an infectious and summer-y effort that blends indie-pop with some very nifty electronic influences. Band member Hjalmar Littauer explains the track’s creation

Eli & The Itches – “Haunt Me”

Based out of Venice Beach, Eli Pearl’s early musical tastes were molded around portions of punk, soul, and glam-rock, leading to a distinctive musical direction that earned him regular spots in LA

VO5 – “Aurora”

VO5 provides a delightful blast from the past on “Aurora”, a gentle pop ballad that recalls serene singer/songwriter work of the ’60s and ’70s that wasn’t wary of sweeping, sometimes saccharine orchestral

Tourists – “Quiet Room”

Torquay five-piece Tourists will kick off single with the breezily infectious standout “Quiet Room”, which rides initially on glistening keys, shimmering guitars, and weightless vocals. The track follows their April single “Cut

Obscure Sound: Best of May 2016

Above are 27 of the most memorable tracks featured throughout May 2016. The SoundCloud app is recommended for mobile listening. For the Obscure Sound write-up on any of the featured acts/tracks, simply

Slowcoaching – “Night Fiction”

Melbourne-based Dean Valentino is Slowcoaching, a highly engaging music project whose new single “Night Fiction” explores “the isolating anxiety that can creep in from nowhere and the crippling search for familiarity and

Tipling Rock – “Low Tide Love”

Boston-based quartet Tipling Rock mesh together surf-rock’s trickling nonchalance with the hook-filled ferocity of The Strokes’ vein of garage-rock, these two styles apparent in the structural distinctions within “Low Tide Love” alone;

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New Albums

Audri – ‘Sugar for the Flies’ EP

Seattle-based producer and songwriter Audri delivers an impressive sound throughout her latest EP, Sugar for the Flies. Impassioned rock and orchestral-laden chamber-pop