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That Gum U Like – “A Shot in a Frame” (feat. Lulu Praxedes)

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze
November 29, 2019
“A Shot in a Frame” is a gripping track out today from That Gum U Like, a duo from Brazil who have impressed with numerous tracks in the past. With a name inspired by a Twin Peaks quote, That Gum U Like presents Gothic shoe-gazing, showing a darker side of Brazil’s bass-heavy scene. On &#...

That Gum U Like – “Ballad Of A Boy”

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze
September 12, 2019
Featured in the past with tracks like “Biography” and “Killer,” That Gum U Like return with another successful track in “Ballad Of A Boy.” The act’s trademarks — serene vocals, dreamy guitar tones, and touches of synth — remain. A bass-y synth arpeggio ...

That Gum U Like – “Biography”

April 26, 2018
After having impressed with the Twin Peaks-inspired EP The Black Lodge late last year, That Gum U Like is back with a new track in “Biography”. The husband-and-wife duo continue their murky, consuming soundscapes — which would feel right at home in Twin Peaks’ Roadhouse. Andressa D&...

Listen: That Gum U Like – ‘Black Lodge’ EP

December 12, 2017
That Gum U Like’s new EP, The Black Lodge, is inspired by the TV series Twin Peaks as a whole, which brings a mysterious and charismatic atmosphere to the songs. The EP will was released on December 8th by Quadrado Mágico, a Brazilian label that means “magic square” in reference to Brasília, Brazil’s...

Premiere: That Gum U Like – “Killer”

November 14, 2017
Inspired by Twin Peaks‘ atmosphere and the nocturnal electro-pop of acts like Chromatics, “Killer” is a just-released track from Brazilian duo That Gum U Like. A murky synth and quickly evolving percussion gives quick life to the track, with buzzing electronic accompaniments crafting an e...

How CBD Gummies Can Help Musicians

May 29, 2020
There are claims that CBD helps those with chronic pain, serious health conditions, generalized anxiety, and other ailments. Professional athletes and actors are using it—as are professional musicians.  If you’re a musician, CBD might be able to help you too. Let’s look at some of the benefits for these in...

Bubblegum Hypnosis – “Sphere of Time”

Lo-Fi Pop/Rock
December 4, 2019
“Sphere of Time” blends psych-friendly guitar tones with intimate, bedroom-set production for an engaging feel. The track, courtesy of the project Bubblegum Hypnosis, rides on lushly retrospective vocals, gliding guitars, and a hypnotic rhythm section. “Sphere of Time” plays like a ...

Video: Cosmo Black – “Feels Like Home”

September 8, 2014
Cosmo Black unleashes a danceable funk/electro-pop in new track “Feels Like Home”, whose video features a friend of the band (Margie Tibbitts) strutting her stuff. After listening to the tune, many listeners will probably be similarly enthusiastic. The track certainly has a retro and glitzy ‘80...

Gumshen – “Bell Ringer”

January 22, 2014
The wide-ranging “Bell Ringer” is an enjoyable seven-minute microcosm of Gumshen, a Seattle-based group that incorporates thumping electronica and several variations of rock music, ranging from classic pysch-rock to recent pop. Citing diverse influences from Pink Floyd to Phoenix, the four-piec...

Video: Fleet Foxes – “The Shrine/An Argument”

November 22, 2011
As a disclaimer below the video reads: "Please watch in HD with headphones or speakers and full screen if you really want to get crazy." It's a wise word of advice when watching Fleet Foxes' newest music video for "The Shrine/An Argument", the eight-minute epic off the band's sophomore album Helplessness B...