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Best Albums of 2009: #50 to #41

And so it begins. The top albums of 2009 are hand-picked and collected for your listening pleasure. Part one of a five-day feature.

Best Albums of 2007: #10 to #01

———————————————————————————————– 10...


Creech Holler

Ironically, Americana is a genre whose definition is often more heavily dependent on countries other than America. Rock music has always been a universal statement, as has electronica, hip-hop, and many other classifiable genre...

The High Llamas quietly carry on

In the world of underrated British artists, one of my many favorites include The High Llamas, a band formed in 1991 by talented songwriter Sean O’Hagan after the demise of his duo with Cathal Coughlan, Microdisney. Though...


David Vandervelde and The Moonstation House Band

It is impossible for most artists to avoid comparisons to their past influences. After all, complete innovation is not something to be taken lightly. So, if one compared David Vandervelde to Marc Bolan, Scott Walker, and John L...

The Postmarks

How lovely this sounds. Most of you are familiar with Swedish indie pop darlings The Concretes and The Cardigans, along with their use of sweeping orchestral arrangements and adorably light female vocals. It’s interesting...