Red Riders

Another consecutive day featuring two Australian bands in a row. I’m not sure why it is so sudden, but 2006 has really been a

Tap Tap

Lately, if there’s one major stereotype for “indie music”, it’s usually either substituting claps for percussion or replacing incoherent mumblings where the vocals should

The pride of The Shames

The Shames consider themselves to be following the “grand New York tradition” of bands such as The Velvet Underground, The Ramones, and more recently

Unlucky Atlas

Many would claim that Chicago is one of the most important birthplaces of alternative rock, with bands such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Smog, and

Silversun Pickups

While Silversun Pickups have been one of the most blogged about rookie bands in 2006, I saw and heard them for the first time

The 80s Never Die

Some bands just sound better when it’s raining outside. This is a fact, particulary in mind of those dark and moody bands of the

The Cat Empire

The Cat Empire are one of those bands that makes you want to explore every music genre imaginable. Aptly put, they take from almost

The rising Youth Group

In the typical hipster community, when a band breaks through because of a cover song, it’s death by criticism. What about when the cover

The Slip

As a diehard Yankees fan (yeah, shoot me), some of my friends have the assumption that I despise bands from Boston. That’s rubbish. While

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