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El Cantinero

England is one of the last places I would expect a musician to be “bored”, especially if they are native to the country. Its rich history aside, every major label houses an office there and there are certainly a surplus of venu...

The British Columbians

Updates will resume on Monday. Have a great holiday weekend. Some groups form after coming together by traveling across the borders of states, countries, and oceans. Others, however, may derive from the same town or even the sa...


Ready Fire Aim Changes Nothing

These days, it seems that anyone can call themselves an “artist”. With the internet and other forms of digital technology allowing for mass distribution of various art forms for little to no cost of production, it is not a diff...

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble… Strips

I am sure many of us over twenty can remember the leather jacket craze. The Fonz was one of the few to kick-start the fad in the late 50s and Springsteen brought it back in the 80s, along with many others. One of the few to sei...


California Snow Story

If his new project did not look so promising, David Skirving would most likely be kicking himself for leaving the acclaimed Camera Obscura when he did. Now a fixture in the contemporary indie-pop scene, Camera Obscura has now b...

The One AM Radio

Despite the exotic landscape in the photo above, Hrishikesh Hirway is simply a native of Peabody, Massachusetts, a town known for its past and rich history of puritanism. Though he now lives in Los Angeles, Hirway once resided ...