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Yeasayer – Odd Blood (2010)

Yeasayer's highly anticipated follow-up proves to be one of 2010's first great albums.

Surfer Blood on the Astrocoast

Stereotypes involving the carefree indulgences of a Californian summer have been circulating since surf-rock originated in the ’60s. Its inception was largely brought on by the development and popularization of the spring...


UltraChorus Goes Ultra-Def

We are producers. We make music for you. This is what UltraChorus convey on their web site, almost sounding like they cater to artists more than listeners in doing so. Such circumstances have the likelihood of create hazardous ...

Obscure Sound: Best of August 2009

Even though September brings some of the greatest weather of the year, there is always reason to students to dread its arrival. It is not so much the concept of classes, but rather the obligations that arise from them. I despis...


The Wiyos Ring the Broken Land Bell

It was always interesting to me how varying generations perceive music differently. A well-written thesis or book has likely dissected this to pretentious hell already, so bear with me on this. There are too many intricacies in...

Tesla Boy Do Throwback

When synth-pop was first glorified in the late ‘70s, it was a musical breakthrough in a more than one way. Its introductory development was more dramatic than most of its stylistic predecessors, as an entirely new emphasis on c...


The Leisure Society

When the time occurs in which technology overtakes many basic human functions and automation becomes a habit, many futurists claim that we will revert into something of a “leisure society”. John Maynard Keynes, one of the foref...

The Harpeth Trace

A prevalent veneration for the past can certainly be detrimental to an artist’s work if their techniques are either outdated or generic, but holding such a high esteem for successful precedents can also prove to be quite benefi...


Wearing Winter Gloves in Montreal

I do hope to travel across a wide variety of locations one day, but as a middle-class college student I understand that my resources are somewhat limited. That being said, it is a common process for me to singularly identify ce...

Vic Chesnutt Gains Some Elf Power

The aspect of collaboration can be a touchy subject for some artists. Some prefer to languish in their own solitude, crafting songs that are entirely their own with little to no help outside the spectrum of production and maste...