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The Derevolutions – “Sparkle”

January 13, 2020
On new track “Sparkle,” The Derevolutions captivate with serene vocals, an island-set key bounce, and flashes of hypnotic textural whirring. The Boston-based project has impressed with a multitude of tracks in the past, and kick off 2020 in excellent form with this gem. The twinkling, enjoyably...

The Derevolutions – “Research Cognitivity”

October 9, 2018
Longtime Obscure Sound favorite The Derevolutions just put out a new track, “Research Cognitivity”, that continues the project’s penchant for bursting hooks. Guitar strums, whistling, and anthemic multi-layered vocal escalation comprise a fun, shimmering aesthetic. Distorted guitar assume...

The Derevolutions – “Automate Your Soul”

January 24, 2014
Sample-savvy songwriter The Derevolutions released a new track in “Automate Your Soul”, which incorporates a variety of playful vocal samples to assemble its poppy, synth-like lead. Brett Boucher hands off vocal duties here, an apt choice considering this song’s cheerleader-like playfulne...

Obscure Sound: Best of January 2014

February 14, 2014
Sorry for the delay in this month’s compilation, but at least this now has the potential to serve as a bright spot for Valentine’s Day non-participants. Well, that’s assuming the compilation is any good, which I truly think it is. It’s really good, actually, courtesy of many talente...

Best Albums of 2013: The Top Ten

Top Albums
December 14, 2013
We unveil our top ten albums of 2013, a year in quality music that offered several releases worthy of the #1 spot.

Obscure Sound: Best of October 2013

November 4, 2013
Stream and download the best tracks featured on Obscure Sound in October 2013, free inside.