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J. Nolan

A rising hip-hop artist like J. Nolan has a notable amount of temptations in the studio alone. There are countless numbers of production gimmicks aimed to disguise an artist’s insecurities, inspired by an age where cameos and p...

Thoughts on Outkast’s Idlewild

Many hardcore rap fans would say that 2006 has been a horrible year for Hip-Hop. In terms of classic, cohesive Hip-Hop albums, fans have gotten so desperate as to call any Rap album that drops a “classic”. Despite all of th...


Outkast… Still Catchy and Contagious

Sure, I’m not particulary a fan of rap, but some acts are just so catchy and unpredictable, I can’t resist. Well, that may not even apply to Outkast, as many of their songs are far from rap. We’ve seen every g...