New Tracks

Starar – “Talisman”

Immediately, “Talisman” soothes listeners with waves of warm, gauzy guitars. Combined with the near-cooing of the vocals’ fragile touch, the gorgeously mysterious atmosphere is quickly and effectively concocted. As far as melodic hooks,

Vera Vera – “The Future, Forever”

“The Future, Forever” creatively incorporates versatile live percussion with both entrancing synth arpeggios and post-punk guitar crawls, resulting in a striking sound that Atlanta-based rockers Vera Vera should be proud of. I’m

bitter’s kiss – “Love Won’t Make You Cry”

Based out of Weehawken, NJ, bitter’s kiss is the vehicle of young singer/songwriter Chloe Baker, whose voice is reminiscent of various excellent chanteuses — from the diosyncratic folk stylings of Joanna Newsom

Maria Sweet – “With Time”

Maria Sweet produces a fleeting and cleanly crisp rock sound with some seriously impressive vocals, evident within the first minute of this track. The raspy exhilaration around the 30-second mark impressively transitions

Bleach Athletixx – “California Future”

Bleach Athletixx is the new project from Max Holiday, who gave us some wonderfully infectious tracks in 2012 (“Pretender“, “Teenager“) reminiscent of Wolf Parade’s key-led fervor. Bleach Athletixx’s fantastic new track, “California Future”,

Plastic Handgun – “Capillary Vessel”

Involuntary Memories, the new album from Toronto-based rock experimentalists Plastic Handgun, is a genre-mashing ride through moments of trickling electro-acoustical beauty (“Capillary Vessel”) and atmospheric industrial alternative in the vein of A

Sir Cadian Rhythm – “Run Around Town”

Based out of Long Island, Sir Cadian Rhythm is a slick-sounding quintet that combines radio-friendly alt-rock/pop hooks with flourishes of jazz, an example of the group’s stylistically eclectic backgrounds. Sir Cadian Rhythm’s members

Digital Slumber Party – “Skip the Day”

Atlanta-based Digital Slumber Party is one of the most engrossing electronic acts I’ve come across lately, with three tracks in particular that really show off their chops. Only one of them, “Skip

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New Albums

King Analog – ‘King Analog’

The self-titled debut album from King Analog reveals a strong instrumental rock sound with ample mystique. Wistful psych-rock nostalgia intermingles cohesively with


pecq – ‘Amnesia’s Ritual’ EP

London-based electronic duo pecq strut an atmospheric, melodic sound on their new EP, Amnesia’s Ritual. The project of multi-instrumentalist duo Nicholas (Nikò)