New Tracks

Evelyn Drach – “False Premise”

After impressing with the striking music video for “Never Let Me Go” earlier this week, Evelyn Drach’s new track “False Premise” again shows the artist’s knack for gripping soundscapes and melodic developments.

Premiere: Jibberish – “Meantime (Mono Mix)”

Jibberish are a trio of longtime friends from Texas, churning out a harmonious sound on debut EP Meantime. Ahead of the EP’s release in two weeks, we’re happy to premiere its self-titled

Premiere: Stray Fossa – “Sleeper Strip”

Sleeper Strip by Stray Fossa Crafting their own take on garage-pop and indie-rock, Charlottesville, VA act Stray Fossa have a debut EP out called Sleeper Strip. Its three tracks showcase a nocturnal

Barry Bays – “Water Your Plant”

Melbourne artist Barry Bays shows a shimmering, sun-shining sound on new track “Water Your Plant”. The artist’s debut pop/rock single impresses with elements of surf, neo-country, and psych-pop, his jangly guitar work

Indigo Bunting – “Little Monowheel”

Little Monowheel/Pull Trap Single by Indigo Bunting Indigo Bunting showcases a psych-pop sound brimming with colorful melodies. Their double-single “Little Monowheel” / “Pull Trap” warrants attention, especially the former’s Brian Wilson likeness.

salxgao – “pitter patter”

salxgao are a duo capable of gripping, haunting soundscapes. New track “pitter patter” finds both sal and gao interchanging the vocal lead, as distant percussion and murky synths accompany jazzy keys in

Forhill – “Arboretum”

“Arboretum” is a lush and caressing success, whose general vibe reminds me of spacey futurism, and more specifically the nostalgia of the Phantasy Star Online soundtrack. ’80s-inspired synth tones emerge to start,

Ruby Randall – “The City”

“The City” is a swooning new track from Ruby Randall, highlighting the artist’s suave vocal presence and melodic songwriting. She’s at work on her second solo EP, with “The City” the first

New Albums

Vazum – ‘Western Violence’

The new album from Detroit-based duo Vazum, Western Violence delivers a fierce blend of post-punk and dark alt-rock invigoration. Lyrical references to