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The Kissaway Trail

Anthemic rock music really has to soar to earn its name. To rouse an audience because they are already familiar with your work is one thing, but to come out anonymously and take a crowd by storm is the most blatant asset in thi...

Best Albums of 2009: #20 to #11

The top ten will be unveiled tomorrow, but these albums are just as worthwhile.


The Technology of Midnight Juggernauts

It would be nice if all New Yorkers were given next week off for the sake of new music. CMJ’s Music Marathon is already intimidating enough with hundreds of artists on the roster, so with classes and work getting in the w...

It’s a Ra Ra Riot

Losing a member of a band to death can be devastating. No matter how many arguments and fistfights were initiated in the past, it is a fact that many groups tend to form a family-like bond after years and even months of touring...


A Black Gold Rush

Making a career as a touring musician who plays on and off for a variety of talented artists can be great. Apart from making a steady income by playing music, the benefits can be found in both the experience gained and connecti...

Eskimo Joe is Coming to America

International success has an odd way of distinguishing itself. An artist could be recognized on the streets of their native country by virtually every bystander while, in a different country, even their name would be rendered u...


Obscure Sound: Best of May 2007

Here is the third compilation, gathering the best tracks featured on this site in May. As usual, you can either download the songs individually (by clicking on the song name) or as an entire RAR file by clicking the link below ...

REVIEW: Manic Street Preachers – Send Away The Tigers

Expectations, as lofty as they once were, have expectedly declined for Manic Street Preachers, one of the most popular Welsh bands of the past twenty years. While the trio’s previous two albums, Know Your Enemy and Lifebl...


She’s Your Sister; Sean Wilde

There will always be those types of bands who write songs out of pure financial desperation. You know, the linear individuals who do not display much of a talent other than strumming the guitar, not that there is anything wrong...

REVIEW: White Rose Movement – Kick

White Rose Movement explores post-punk and electro in their energetic debut.