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A Mix for the Lonely: Valentine’s Day ’08

Considering that the dates of anniversaries and birthdays vary from person to person, it would not be entirely unrealistic to deem Valentine’s Day as the most universally abundant day for the exchanging of mix tapes. Afte...

Best Albums of 2007: #50 to #41

Oh, here we are again. I hope you were looking forward to this as much as I was. 2007 was a great year in music and, just like last year, I have rediscovered a bunch of great artists from the earlier months of ’07 in the ...


The Cyanide Valentine Releases a Three-Sided Freebie

Ah, free albums. They are a pure thing of beauty. To listen to the material in its entirety you are not even forced to dish out cash, make a trip to one of the few remaining quality record stores, or engage in a gruesomely awkw...

Kathy Zimmer Uses a Spare Key

The transition from serene rurality to urban skyscrapers can be quite traumatic, especially in regard to first-time visitors of New York City. Public transportation, swelling streets with numbered names, the ceaseless commute&#...


Hammer No More The Fingers

It makes sense that many musically inclined college graduates of the past few years are finding solace in the apparent revitalization of ’90s indie-rock. It was their own introductory period of exposure to artistic influe...

REVIEW: Babyshambles – Shotter’s Nation

The king of British tabloids crafts an album that hopes to be the first step toward his highly publicized “comeback trail”.


This Magnet Attracts

When listening to music, whether you are an amateur or an apparent know-it-all, it is usually easy to recognize when an artist is on the verge of mainstream success. Providing a sense of both instant accessibility and amiabilit...

Four Pale Young Gentleman and a Cellist

As unfortunate as it sounds, contemporary artists with a strong emphasis on classical instruments continue to be a dying breed. It is difficult to argue against the fact that guitars and rhythmic supplementation are often the c...


CONTEST: Matthew Dear in D.C.

I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting another ticket giveaway. It is featuring an electronic artist who nearly defines artistic consistency. The winner will receive two tickets to the Matthew Dear show on Thursday, O...

This Deer Tick Feels Good

With perhaps one of the oddest band names you are likely to find, Deer Tick is the songwriting project of John McCauley, a talented young singer/songwriter from Providence, Rhode Island. Just barely able to drink at the age of ...