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Afternoon Naps – Parade (2009)

Afternoon naps are a pretty amiable thing to name your band after, even if it is hardly the most exciting. These few hours are simple but highly productive, at least in the sense that recuperation amidst a weekday’s chaos...

The Hush Sound

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates this week. I just moved into college and it’s been hectic (and insanely enjoyable) since Saturday. This will not be the usual though, as this should be the only week w...



When one pictures the stereotypical image of a haunted house, they usually envision an unkempt mansion on a hill with nothing but a series of motionless cobwebs and eroding walls vacating the insides. Well, that and also the oc...

Ann Vriend and the Spy Who Loved Her

Though the album’s name and cover art provide ample indication of its overlying theme, it is the first line on Ann Vriend‘s third album, When We Were Spies, that truly prepares the listener for the cinematic storyli...


What Made Milwaukee Famous, Pt. 2

When I wrote about What Made Milwaukee Famous‘ generally enjoyable debut, Trying to Never Catch Up, nearly two years ago, I held a belief that it was only a matter of time before the five-piece from Texas emerged as one o...

Little Beirut Thank the Presidency

No one needs to be told that a compliment and an insult are antonyms of one another, yet it remains ironic that politicians are often the ones who create insults that eventually expand into unintentional compliments, occasional...


The Feminists Can’t Scream Loud Enough

Unless their family name is worth a few cool million, most people have had at least one noteworthy run-in with a boss who could, at best, be described as a difficult individual. Power trips, flagrant favoritism, and enlarged eg...

REVIEW: The Silent League – Of Stars and Other Somebodies

Justin Russo follows up a pleasing debut with a more expansively fulfilling continuation of his enjoyable style: infectiously majestic orchestral chamber-pop with hints of country and 60s pop.


The Selfish Gene

While the creation of music appears to be the most vivid hobby among the four members of The Selfish Gene, the study of classic literature is not far behind. Apart from the fact that their band name name is derived from the tit...

The Mother Hips Release Sixth Album, The Crystal Flake

We all love the typical history of a successful band, even if it appears to be a mere fairy tale to the legions of other struggling musicians. You know the gist of it — start in a garage with a few friends, play at a few ...