MP3s: endoflevelbaddie

endoflevelbaddie make game changin’, genre-crossing electronic music with elements of 8-bit electronica and credible hip-hop packed tightly within. This is interesting stuff that takes Kingston-Upon-Hull’s sound out

MP3s: The Underground Man

In real life, The Underground Man licenses music to independent films and TV, though by the charming acoustic pop of "Hey Love" you'd assume

MP3: JjANICE+ – “Aleas”

The infectiously upbeat "Aleas" borders on bubblegum-pop, though its hip-hop and Afro-pop influences are hardly hidden. It would fit extraordinarily on the Jet Set

MP3s: Flamingosis

Producers like Clams Casino and Silky Johnson craft hypnotic beats that reek of warm nostalgia and a drug-induced numbness. Another up and coming name

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