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The Morning Benders – Big Echo (2010)

The Morning Benders' highly anticipated album, Big Echo, finds the four-piece at a place of confidence and cohesiveness.

Citay’s Dream Get Together

It seems ironic how the age of “hippies” coincided with some of the most groundbreaking usages of production in music. In an era associated with peace, love, and psychedelics, the aspects of intricacy and innovation are often o...


The Dubious Ranger’s Weapon

The integration of humor and satire into music can be an incredibly complex process. By coming across as humorous or self-depreciatingly witty, an artist tends to imply a sort of nonchalant demeanor that can either benefit thei...

Papercuts Have What You Want

The specific method of recording an album should never be used an indicator of an artist’s level of commitment. After all, not everyone can afford the $100/hour going rate and, unless an artist is one of the lucky few that gets...


A Visit to The Western States Motel

Ever since the emergence of California-based surf-rock instrumentalists like The Surfaris and Dick Dale & the Del-tones in the early ‘60s, it has become an overused practice to describe pop music originating from California...

Jolie Holland Awakens the Living and the Dead

Experience is invaluable toward the delicate craft of music. Despite some ingenious qualities, all artists have only a limited amount of entirely imaginative ideas with little to no personalized dimensions involved. Their perso...


The Black and White Years

For a band that has just recently broken out of the local eye, drawing comparisons to an artist who they idolize is often flattering. While no artist wishes to be forever grouped with a particular influence, a feeling of widesp...

A Beautiful Setting Sun

Though they seem to be in the minority these days, some songwriters are just better off writing songs on their own. In addition to having more helping hands available in the process of writing and recording material, bands can ...


Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws

When I was 8 years old, my taste of music was generally limited to conventionally accessible acts in the vein of The Beatles, Radiohead, and Zeppelin. True, no one will deny the significance of any of those artists, but my tast...

Tasty Bing Ji Ling

Looking back on when they were kids, many adults have a rather amiable image of the ice cream man. You know, the smiling dude who drove around in a white truck and played traditionally annoying tunes like “Pop Goes the We...