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Emanuel and the Fear

One cold New York City night in January 2009, I found myself in the back room of the Bowery Poetry Club, encircled by the typical PBR-wielding twenty-somethings and some of the most magical music I’ve ever encountered. By wande...

Neil Hannon Plays Somerset

Picture this scene: a dimly-lit bar with a wide variety of liquor lined up alongside its oak walls, the multitude of bottles casting a refraction on the dozen or so guests in the room. A grand piano sits on a small, elevated st...


The Divine Comedy – Bang Goes the Knighthood (2010)

The Divine Comedy's tenth album, Bang Goes the Knighthood, offers no surprises for longtime fans. As usual, Hannon's wit and playful observations find success in a pleasant medium between folk and pop music. This effort, though...

Best Albums of 2009: #10 to #01

The top ten albums of 2009 are unveiled, capping off the end to a great year in music.


The Priddle Concern

Local support can go a long way in finding success for a new artist. In fact, unless the specified artist ventures on some unconventionally successful promotional campaign, it can serve as arguably the most important factor in ...

Neon Neon Flaunt Their Stainless Style

Ever since they released their excellent debut, Fuzzy Logic, in 1996, Super Furry Animals have proven to be one of the most eclectically and consistently successful acts in Brit-pop. Classifying the group into one genre has alw...


The Defog’s Impressive Ebb and Flow

As important as a debut album is, it usually inherits expectations that are either nonexistent or minimal at best. The artist is inexperienced, giddy, and often in awe of their surroundings. If a debut comes off in any way as l...

Lovely Afternoons in Cardiff

Sometimes the oddest of mixtures can bring a band together. For The Afternoons, it was a mutual love for the prolific David Bowie and the spicy Indian dish, curry. Hey, whatever works. Since their formation in 1999, lead vocali...


Making Love with The Lovemakers

There were never too many bands who took their names literally. The Smashing Pumpkins never smashed pumpkins, Super Furry Animals were merely men, and Little Richard is taller than the average American. However, there tends to ...