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Fusion Rock
Fusion Rock

Premiere: Hannah Rose Dexter – “Leave”

Leave by Hannah Rose Dexter “Leave” is a consuming track out today from Hannah Rose Dexter. The artist touts a bass-heavy sound, with “Leave” guided by the pull of an electric bass amidst creative time c...

BisonBison – “Expanding”

“Expanding” shows an apt title, with its consuming song structure undergoing an enjoyable expansion process. Theatrical strings, swelling percussion, wordless vocal chants, and trickling acoustics kick this off, a s...


Juhan Ongbrian – “Mood Swings” (feat. Ech0 & Sly Chong)

“Mood Swings” is a single released today from Juhan Ongbrian, a Los Angeles-based artist who incorporates jazz, funk, and sweltering guitar tones into his engaging sound. The track releases ahead of the Mood Swings ...
Fusion Rock

Getaway Dogs – “Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before)” + “Only in Retrospect”

Getaway Dogs show a lush yet invigorating sound on “Sawtooth (I’ve Been Wrong Before),” the latest track release from the project. Fronted by Brazilian-American, Santa Cruz-based songwriter Kai Killion, Getawa...