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Little Majorette

I’m considering a move to Sweden. It’s not because I’ve decided to start an ABBA tribute band, or since my obsession with sturdy wooden furniture has become unfathomable. It’s because there seems to be a...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Odes to the ’80s

Ceremony, Burning Hearts, and Memory Tapes are three different artists with very different sounds. Their influences certainly intersect though, allowing the material to sound like creative odes rather than blend replications of...


Ennui’s Formation of Tides

Pittsburgh-based duo Ennui tout the shimmering guitar riffs, glossy reverb, and meekly pastoral vocals of many dream-pop acts, but labeling them singularly as a dream-pop group isn’t fully conclusive. Elements of alternative-ro...

Grimes’ Halfaxa

In my first feature of Grimes, I made the point that the music of Claire Boucher resembled conceptual art. With gauzy layers of synth that embed themselves into post-punk rhythms reminiscent of Joy Division’s “She&#...

Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Altar Eagle

Altar Eagle are content under layers of gauziness, the duo’s music emitting the type of confidence and nostalgic yearning that triggered attention for Beach House, Cold Cave, and other recent breakouts known for their sim...

The Radio Dept. – Clinging to a Scheme (2010)

One of Sweden's premiere electronic-pop acts releases their first full-length album in four years. With both infectious and atmospheric moments, its inconsistency issues are overshadowed by several gems.



I hate to say it, but between recently featured acts like Loquat and Faded Paper Figures, it almost seems like I am covering too many groups centered on a husband and wife. Then again though, such respective acts take neither m...

Soundpool Gets Pleasantly Lost in Dreamland

Since their inception, there are some genres that have maintained a mystique that causes any form of chronological classification for a first-time listener to be increasingly difficult. You could call them timeless, unique, or ...


Charmparticles Stay Alive in the Hot Spell

Some bands relish darkness. No, I am not referring to those talentless emo/goth hopeless hopefuls either. This one goes out to the artists who actually know more than three chords, the ones who have the ability to create an atm...

Schmickler and Cruise Combine for Pluramon’s Best Effort

When it comes to music, age knows no limit. While it is customary to expect genius composers like Philip Glass or Ryuichi Sakamoto to continue creating music into their latter years due to the precise and delicate nature of the...