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MP3: Destroyer – “Leave Me Alone” (New Order cover)

British music magazine MOJO released a compilation of New Order covers, with thirteen artists tackling the band’s 1983 classic Power, Corruption & Lies. Destroyer tackled "Leave Me Alone".

Slothbear Had Qids

There is something very likable about Slothbear, even in addition to their name. Their sound recalls the best parts of vintage college-rock, which is presented with clarity through the band’s surprisingly adept methods of...


Best Albums of 2009: #50 to #41

And so it begins. The top albums of 2009 are hand-picked and collected for your listening pleasure. Part one of a five-day feature.

Best Albums of 2008: #50 to #41

by Mike Mineo ——————————————————————————————...


Begushkin Catches a King’s Curse

Emotional variability is an aspect of art that all musicians value. An artist limiting one’s self to a consistent set of emotions can be detrimental to a listener’s perception of the artist, primarily due to the fact that an en...

Dan Bejar Has Trouble in Dreams

In appliance to collaborations in the realm of indie music, it is difficult to find a songwriter that is more sought-after than Dan Bejar. Whether one is most fond of his joint projects (Swan Lake, The New Pornographers, and He...


Nathan White and Mark Lebetkin Are Nathan Oliver

The dentist. A source of pain, misery, and harsh realizations. Even though I have never had a cavity in my life, I still despise the place like most others do. Maybe it is those sharp instruments being inserted into my mouth or...

Best Albums of 2006: #30 to #21

———————————————————————————————- 30. Dest...


Best Albums of 2006: #50 to #41

It has reached that time of year again. As lovely as the holidays are, one cannot avoid the constant commercialization that now walks hand-in-hand with these winter months. The end of the year means gifts, drinks, vacation, fam...

Upcoming releases: Frog Eyes, Smashing Pumpkins, Maps

Here is a brand new track from Frog Eyes. You know, one third of the apparent holy trinity that is Swan Lake. I may sound a bit unjust in saying this, but my favorite songwriter out of the three is Frog Eyes’ Carey Mercer...