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MP3: Marissa Nadler – “Apostle”

Marissa Nadler unveiled another track off her upcoming album The Sister, out later this month on the 29th. "Apostle" is haunting and ethereal, like much of her work, and serves as a particular reminder how her voice elicits spi...

Marissa Nadler Announces New Album

Marissa Nadler has another album on the way, this one called The Sister. It will be released on May 29th through her own Box of Cedar Records. As it is aptly titled, the album is the “sister” to her self-titled rele...


Cold Specks

With a creaky yet tranquil voice that sounds like it should belong to a 43-year-old, British music moguls are expecting big things from 23-year-old Al Spx. Hailing from Canada, the home of many other strong acoustic talents, Sp...

Best Albums of 2011: #40 to #31

The best albums of 2011 are further revealed, this time with some big names like Bon Iver, Drake, Panda Bear, and The Mountain Goats entering the fold.


Bad Braids

Bad Braids is a very intimate project, clearly intended to showcase the beautiful talents of Megan Biscieglia. Her talents as a guitarist, vocalist, and lyricist are on full display throughout Arrow and Orb, a fascinating and i...
Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Warpaint for The Fool

I have no complaints about post-punk fetishism. If an artist justifies their attempts to replicate the dark, grumbling moodiness of bands like The Chameleons UK or Joy Division, then listeners are generally treated to polished ...


Grimes’ Halfaxa

In my first feature of Grimes, I made the point that the music of Claire Boucher resembled conceptual art. With gauzy layers of synth that embed themselves into post-punk rhythms reminiscent of Joy Division’s “She&#...

Interview with First Aid Kit

A sit down with the two sisters behind Swedish phenomenon First Aid Kit reveals details about their childhood, rise to recognition, songwriting process, and notable influences. Though just 17 and 19, they show why youth is not ...


Pink Graffiti in Secret Cities

Long-distance collaborations before the internet must have been daunting. Mere words can be transferred easily from one end of the world to another using many methods, but artistic ideas rarely mature properly in circumstances ...

White Hinterland’s Chronos and Kairos

It is easy to rave about Casey Dienel’s voice, which recalls Joni Mitchell’s eclectic stylistic arsenal as much as Victoria Legrand’s ghostly croon. Even those that do not like her project, White Hinterland, a...