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Setting Up Your Home Recording Studio On A Budget

December 22, 2017
It’s an exciting time to be a DIY music producer. The gap of recording quality between home and professional studios is growing smaller by the year. It’s now possible to produce a “radio-ready” track straight from the comfort of your home studio. For those who aren’t experienced studio engineers, setting u...

3Bubble & J.Gray – “No Lie”

April 25, 2016
Houston-based hip-hop/pop duo 3Bubble (Cleon Solomon III) and J.Gray (Justin Andrew Gray) craft a familiarly inviting sound on new single “No Lie”, led by a beat that features lush backing strings, a playfully romantic bass line, and choir-like vocal sample effects. The sound sticks to more wha...

Best Albums of 2015: Top Ten

Top Albums
February 1, 2016
The best albums of 2015 feature wraps up with our top ten releases of the year.

Best Albums of 2015: #11-20

Top Albums
January 29, 2016
Albums #11 to #20 of 2015 are covered as we head toward the Top 10.

Alexander O’Neal: Master of R&B & More

November 19, 2015
Alexander O’Neal’s hugely influential career spans over 30 years, marking him out as a truly legendary R&B and blues singer, with a plethora of top selling singles and albums under his belt. His voice is characteristic and recognisable and has drawn comparisons with the huge R&B star Otis Redding. ...

Best Albums of 2014: Top Ten

January 12, 2015
The top ten albums of 2014 are revealed! Check them out, along with the other top 40, inside.

Latimer House – “Shake!”

February 24, 2014
Most of the vocal additions on Latimer House’s debut single “Shake!” are mumbled or otherwise incoherent, apart from the steadfast exclamation of “shake!” acting as a rhythmic element of sorts. Much like The Pixies, this group doesn’t require vocal coherence for sensatio...

Obscure Sound: Best of January 2014

February 14, 2014
Sorry for the delay in this month’s compilation, but at least this now has the potential to serve as a bright spot for Valentine’s Day non-participants. Well, that’s assuming the compilation is any good, which I truly think it is. It’s really good, actually, courtesy of many talente...

Best Albums of 2012: #40 to #31

Top Albums
December 5, 2012
Our 'Best Albums' feature continues with ten more excellent releases, ranging from intricate post-rock to sensual R&B.